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What's Next In the Process?!

Updated: May 30, 2020

During the past month or so since my last blog, Joshua and I have tried to decide what we can begin doing now to prepare for our deployment to Bulgaria. We've discovered that during a global pandemic there isn't much you can actually do...

  • We've begun a few home improvement things to make selling our home go more smoothly.

  • We've started looking at what we will need to sell rather than store.

  • We've begun looking around at our belongings and trying to decide what we would like to take with us (barring it fits in a suitcase).

  • We've grieved telling family, friends, work and the church.

  • We've gotten excited about life in a place we once called home.

  • We've tried to get passports (unsuccessfully due to Passport services being suspended currently because of the pandemic).

  • We've resigned from jobs and responsibilities.

  • We've told family.

  • We've told friends.

  • We've cried.

  • We've laughed.

  • We've questioned a lot.

  • We've crunched numbers.

In all of this the Lord keeps revealing something to us. We are in the middle of His will for our lives. At times we are overwhelmed with anxiety and other times we are overwhelmed with excitement and joy. Neither are wrong and neither are easy. Please help us pray in the coming days, weeks and months that we would continue to be reminded that we are in the LORD's will and that His ways are greater than our own!


Joshua recently read me an excerpt from a commentary that he's reading. I thought I'd share with you what it says and how we feel about this calling on our lives:

Paraphrased Excerpt from Exodus for Everyone by John Goldingay

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