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Thankful for God's Faithfulness and Your Generosity!

This week I've been monitoring our Deputation giving site almost daily. I have sent in a few checks from the churches that we have received over the past few weeks, I've had individuals message me to let me know that they've sent in funds and other churches have given online! It's amazing to see how faithful God and how generous you all have been! As we have been receiving donations I love seeing who all is listed as donors... there are individuals, our East Tennessee churches, districts who have decided to support us, people we know and others we have never met... All of these people who believe in our ministry that the Lord is calling us to! We truly have felt so supported in the past month as we've criss-crossed the state sharing our calling with all of you.

As we finish up our first month of deputation services we are excited to be sitting at close to $13,000!! Praise be to God! We are thankful for your willingness to support our ministry and the Lord's calling on our life!

Continue to pray with us that we'd raise the additional $22,000 over the next month and half or so! We are over 1/3 of the way to our goal and that is all due to your generosity!

Thank you!!

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