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Sunday Worship Services Starting This Week!!

We've added a video below asking for prayer as we will be having our first ever Sunday worship service this coming Sunday in our home. We know we will have around 15 people attending this week and we are hopeful that even more will join after their summer travels are completed.

We didn't want to miss the opportunity to share all of the excitement with you and also ask you to pray with us for an amazing outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Joshua's video below can be shared using the YouTube link. We've felt the power of prayer when we've asked for you to pray with us in the past and we believe that God has great plans for this Sunday!

Members from our Wednesday night bible study met last night to practice a few songs that we will sing on Sunday and it was a great time of fellowship as we all are prayerful and hopeful for what the Lord will do on Sunday during the worship service! Please pray for those that will help sing, read scripture and those that will join us for worship!

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