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Making New Friends, Blowing Fuses, and Locking Doors

We had a wonderful time at Cookeville Church of the Nazarene Sunday morning. We arrived and were greeting in the parking lot by Pastor Stephen Morrison. We were able to say hello to many friends from years ago: Ryan McDermott, the Thompsons, the Padgetts, and many more. We also got to spend some time meeting new friends and connecting with new visitors to Cookeville Nazarene over lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. We enjoyed sitting and talking with Pastor Stephen and his family over lunch. He and his wife are expecting their 4th child some time this week (join us in praying for an uneventful delivery and smooth transition home with Baby Girl Morrison).

After we finished lunch, we rode home and Joshua and I reminisced about having NYI events in the back parking lot of the church. A specific memory that came to mind was one event where Joshua came up, grabbed my hand, and said "I wanna be with you". I said, "My dad won't let me date until I'm 16", and Joshua reply "I'll wait". Here we are 15+ years later. We remembered IMPACT rallies, bible quiz meets, and NYI Impassion events that had happened at Cookeville Church of the Nazarene.

Sunday evening we were invited to our lovely District NMI President, and friends' home, Jim and Teresa Hodge. They had prepared a lovely meal and let our babies do anything and everything they wanted (They are definitely grandparents)! We enjoyed some time in their beautiful yard and then shared stories and plans and memories with each other over dinner and dessert. They may never want us over again after I blew a fuse in the kitchen heating up a bottle for Kate, and Jude locked their master bathroom door and then shut it... :( They didn't even know that door locked and had no key to unlock it! My husband, having many hidden talents, carded the door and saved the day lol! We so cherish their friendship and their support of missionaries who are serving all over the world. These two are so selfless and are always finding ways to support and uplift others. We are blessed that they claim us as their own and have supported our travels across the East Tennessee District.

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