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Giving Up Our Treasures

This season of transition has been rather difficult if I'm being honest. I truly underestimated how hard it would be to sell EVERYTHING! When we began this process we didn't realize how much stuff we had and just how attached we were to some of it... We found ourselves going through the phases below MULTIPLE times!

  1. Yardsale

  2. Donate

  3. Trash

  4. Store

  5. Take

In the beginning it wasn't so bad. It was truly more like a purge for a yardsale or to donate .... I found myself asking these questions:

  • What is sitting around that I don't use any more?

  • What's been in the same closet for 2 years and hasn't been touched?

  • What doesn't fit any more?

  • What are the kids not playing with anymore?

We then began the trash phase!

Guys... Why did we have so much stuff that just needed to be thrown away? It wasn't useful to us, wouldn't be useful to anyone else, and still it took up space in our home!

You know all those junk drawers... you don't need them... Go clean them out now. I claim to be a pretty organized person but apparently I have needed The Home Edit or Marie Kondo to come and reorganize my drawers and cabinets for quite awhile.

The last two phases have been some of the most difficult. Having to look at every single item you own and decide on whether it can be packed and taken with us to Bulgaria or if we need to store it with family is so difficult. There are so many sentimental things that we'd love to take but had to put in a storage tote for now.

As we packed our final load on Thursday and said goodbye to our home, we shed quite a few tears. As hard as it was to say goodbye to our belongs it was even harder to say goodbye to our first home. We bought our home in January of 2018, did some renovations and moved in during the month of March before welcoming Jude into our family in April. A few months later we welcomed Kaitlyn into our home. In the 2 years we have lived in the house on Hord Road, we have had cookouts, bonfires, weddings, engagement parties, baby showers, Friendsmas gatherings, movie nights, Christmas dinners, and more! We've LOVED this house. It is difficult to surrender your treasurers and the older we get the Lord blesses us with more treasurers that we have to surrender.

We pulled out of the driveway with the doors locked for the final time, and the car was literally packed to the brim. Joshua was in the passenger seat with the floorboard full and in his hand was a statue that he received from Trevecca Nazarene University when we was ordained. The statue is of the Calling of Peter where Jesus and Peter are on the boat. Joshua remarked how ironic it was that this would be the last thing in the car and that we would have to look at it as we left. In this story from the Bible, Jesus is calling the disciples and he calls Peter and tells him to leave everything and follow him.

Here we are leaving everything and following Jesus to Sofia, Bulgaria. We've surrendered our treasures and we are trusting God to provide more treasurers for us in the future.

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