Journey with the Haun Family as they are serving in Sofia, Bulgaria with the Church of the Nazarene.

Greetings to you! We are the Haun family, Joshua, Katie, Jude and Kaitlyn. We have be living in Sofia, Bulgaria since September 2021, and we are excited to begin fulfilling the call God has placed on our lives. Our primary focus while serving in Sofia will be to begin the work of the Nazarene Church in Sofia. We will be focusing mainly on house churches, church planting, and multiplication over time. We are excited to work with local believers in Bulgaria to set out on sharing the love of Christ to those in the city of Sofia. We are excited to be returning back to a place of familiarity as we once called Bulgaria home just a few months after we got married and also to be able to share this place with our children Jude and Kate! Please pray for us as we follow the Lord's calling to Serve in Sofia.

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Our family feels as if we are coming full circle from where we started almost ten years ago! Joshua and I got married on January 1, 2011 and by November of that same year we were living in Bulgaria as part of the Nazarene Theological Seminary 365M program. We were young, adventurous, and eager to go wherever the Lord lead us! We served in Razgrad, Bulgaria as volunteers with the Church of the Nazarene for 8 months. Little did we know the Lord would call us back to this place we once called home to begin a church planting movement in the capital city of Sofia. We are not as young, and maybe not as adventurous (2 young children will do that to you really quickly), but we are still ever so eager to follow the Lord wherever He may lead.

After returning back to East Tennessee from our short stint in Bulgaria, we jumped back into pastoral ministry. Joshua led the Cowan Church of the Nazarene from 2011-2015 and then was invited by another church on our district to join their staff as a Church Plant Pastor. We served at Real Life Community Church of the Nazarene for 18 months while we dreamed, planned, envisioned, and launched a new church in the Blackman community of Murfreesboro. A short 13 months after we arrived in Murfreesboro a new church was born, Blackman Community Church, and is still thriving today!

If you know us at all Bulgaria has been bound to come up in conversation. We have keepsakes around our home, we have conversations with Facebook friends from Bulgaria, and we have memories that we share often about our time in Bulgaria. It is a place we have dreamed about sharing with our kids someday. When the Lord put it on our hearts to accept the ministry assignment in Bulgaria we were so excited! Now we won’t just share our experiences about Bulgaria with our kids but they will get to have their own experiences!

We have two children, Jude Ezra who will be 4 in April and Kaitlyn (Kate) Elizabeth who turned 2 in November. We are excited for the way the Lord will use Jude and Kate to glorify Him and to build the Kingdom in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are excited to start a church planting movement in the heart of Sofia and to see the Lord move through a city of over 1 million people!

As we Serve in Sofia, we ask that you pray for us, pray for our kids, pray for our families back in Tennessee, pray for the Bulgarians we will meet and become friends with, and pray for the Church as it blossoms in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We are excited to be Serving In Sofia. We hope you will journey with us!



Follow what's happening in our life through photos!

We are FINALLY in Bulgaria! After over a year of accepting the call to  Bulgaria and having to wait for departure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are finally able to start our lives in Bulgaria. We spent a few days in an Airbnb apartment upon arriving in Sofia, but now we are comfortably living in the "Mission House" here in Sofia. We feel blessed to be part of the history of missionaries who have raised their families in this home. We are excited for the future and what the Lord has planned for Sofia. Thank you for following our journey and praying for our family!

Although we do keep this website updated with new pictures every few months, we more often post life updates and pictures on our Facebook page. All you have to do is search Facebook for Serving in Sofia and you will see our page or you can copy the link below.

We also send out a monthly newsletter so those who have requested to receive more regular, personal updates about our family. We share prayer needs, praises, life updates, ministry updates and more. Contact us here, through Facebook, or email us to be added to this email list. 

The Bulgaria Mission House
The Bulgaria Mission House

The Bulgaria Mission House

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First Weekend in Bulgaria Explorations
First Weekend in Bulgaria Explorations

First Weekend in Bulgaria Explorations

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The Bulgaria Mission House
The Bulgaria Mission House

The Bulgaria Mission House

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